Welcome to the Marillion band website. Are you a fan of a rockstar band? most people like a rock star band they truly idolized there music, which they say that touches their souls.

We have created this website for many people to know more about the magnificent band called (MARILLION)

well not only the Marillion band but, there are also other rock band that are good, but among them, the Marillion are the band that is very down to earth they are very humble and they are full of vitality and spirit. most of people in Italy really love this amazing and wonderful band, this band has many followers not because they are very good, yes they are very good but very humble. when they sing they truly touch the hearts of the listeners,

Actually their albums and songs are very filled with warmth and inspiration that inspire the listeners the most. Now they have many lans and tours for their journey to whatever their goal is, those who already heard their songs said that they truly have a magical and wonderful night while listening to this fantastic band and they also say that they hope that it will happen again. maybe a secrect for their great succes today is that they are doing this band thing, not because of fame, not because of money, but because of their fighting spirit that cause them to be loved by the tremendous number of fans, they are planning to inspire and entertain other people so this band will surely continue to inspire other people as well.