In the House

Whats is in for the band of Marillions?

From the Start of the band Marillion, they have the best members that can lead instruments amazingly, Steven Rothery is a good member together with Brian Jelliman, but some of the members quit in this band that is why the official members of the band were change and the members are Steven Hogarth, Mark Kelly, Ian Mosley, Steve Rothery, Pete Trewavas.


These are the official members of the band, Ronald Steve Hogarth was born May 14 1959 in Kendal, Their place were a good place to stay because it is a place at the center of England and Scotland. Mark Kelly is a good member, he was born April 9 1961, and when he transferred to England that’s the start of the musical influence on him, Ian Mosley was born in Padington  on June 16 1953 in England, he was a very good drummer. Then he joined the wonderful band, Marillions, Steven Rothery, was born in West Melton, South Yorkshire, November 25 1959, His family is rich also, but when he was young he experience a situation that he should become tough enough. Peter John Trewavas  was Born on January 15 1959 in Middles Borough, he really likes music together with his beautiful sister, and now he is part of the amazing band the Marillion. These are the members of the band Marillion. (Inside the House) thanks to the grace of God this amazing and wonderful band were created and many of the people who listens to this band were very amazed of their wonderful talent.