Amazing is the band!

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The five members of the group include the need for a turning point and that this can come right from the “global network” and their close relationship with the large fan base.
In March of 2000 they assume, directly from EMI, Lucy Jordache (who later became Mrs. Mosley ), entrusting the care of their image and marketing management.
Confronted with the meager income of the previous albums Marillion inventing a completely revolutionary way to finance the next album: ask their fans, through the website and fan club spread over Europe, pre-buy, “trust” and 12 months in advance, the new album. The initiative was a resounding success, with 12,000 signatures, so that will then be taken as an example by other bands.

a long world tour, started from the historic return to South America and Mexico, then winds across Europe, proposing new reference system pending the next Marillion Weekend that really promises to be unforgettable. the anticipation was already high after the announcement of ‘complete performance of’ Radiation ‘, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of its publication, but few would have suspected that the next night the dream of many fans would come true:  ! And everything else disappears. since these people are very kind and loving, much more concerts and shows are expected by many fans of these amazing and majestic band the Marillion, they hope that the up coming shows and concerts will be held near their places so that many people can watch the true and live Marillions who will move their hearts and souls.