Recognizing the towns where well known Italian musical instruments were born

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Italy is not just rich in culture and beautiful places but also is a place where music is very alive. Music is part of an everyday life in Italy. You can also see through the evidence of the presence of opera houses. Italian passion did not stop their but they have created their own musical instruments. They are unique and proudly Italian made. If you go and visit do not miss to try some of them. One of the musical instruments that were made in Italy is the harp that came from Viggiano.

Its history even dates back as far as the 18th century when it was started as a way of living by local people. They first started to in their town then moving throughout Italy performing with their own expertise and developed skills. It has spread in other nations that they began going to America, Australia and even to European cities. Next is the one from Agnone, it is the bells that are why it is also called bells town. It was well known for the location of the factory of papal bell Using internet to sell services. If you visit this place make sure to have the privilege of witnessing the process of making bells.

Third is from Budrio, the ocarina that is made usually from ceramic or clay. Next is the ancient flute named friscaletto that came from Sicily. It is produced by a cane and played as a symbol of life. Last is the zampogna originated from Scapoli. This instrument is used during storytelling and accompanied by dialect poems and folk songs. You will see more info soon.