The milestone of another famous band: The Journey

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The band is famous worldwide now. It is a rock band by Americans that was formed in 1973 in San Francisco. Its members were from two different bands that have a rough start. They achieve success during the year 1978 to 1987 in which they have released a number of hit songs that include Don’t Stop Believin’ in 1981. It later saw its success in the year 2009 when it became one of the top selling songs in iTunes that was not released during the 21st century.

One of their singles Open Arms also became popular. Their album that was released in the year 1983 the Frontiers became successful as the number 2 having successful singles. Its popularity reached UK and even belongs to top ten album chart. They made their reunion in the mid-1990s. They later have different lead singers after regrouping. Their album sales produced two gold rates, eight in multi-platinum and one in diamond category, check this site 八拓科技有限公司. Based on the record, the band sold 48 million of albums in the United States garnering the 25th spot as a bestselling band.

Another survey put journey in the fifth spot of being the best from America rock band ever in history. They are still active today doing performances. They now have a Filipino lead singer that was chosen by the members itself to replace their previous lead singer. He is Arnel Pineda whose voice resembles closely to one of their former lead singer.