The Origins of Some Musical Instruments

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Musical instruments are used to accompany every kind of music genre. We can see singers using guitar, piano or violin when they perform. Let us understand more about this music instruments by knowing where they originated. The first instrument is tambourines. In the native place of now called Canada they use instruments that resembles a tambourine. Even in china, Eastern Europe, south china and Egypt before it became popular courtesy of the Tambourine Man who played it and sing a song for Bob Dylan.

In Egypt it is used during festivals and when they have processions to make. They were usual for temple dancers. Next instrument is the kettle drum.  It was known that its origin may date as far as 4000 B.C.E. in Mesopotamia. They were found in Babylonia during excavations together with artifacts. Its influence did not stop in Islamic cultures and Middle East but it has reached Europe courtesy of the returning soldiers from participating in the crusades. Next is the guitar that was originally from Western Europe as a variation of a stringed instrument, the lute.

It became popular in Spain before it was introduced in France. Many versions similar to it were developed to suit the music of other regions. Now electric guitars were developed to produce louder sound. Next is the violin that is played by using a bow. It is developed to accompany dances or to support a vocalist in 16th century.  All of this info came from the music enthusiast and he said the next century allows it to be used in concerts or operas.