Know the Staff

Do you want to know more about the Biggest independent band in the country? then this is the right website for you, This Rock band has a partnership with pledge of music concerning the  long rumored but so far  unannounced new album. They invented it they are the first in Wikipedia who must be true hard to leave well no not for them, its been great that they have many fans globally they look after them they gave them their money  they send them free gifts  and they were very lucky, they make them free creatively free.


Is it right? that the most important thing in their career is freedom? Yes many great artist tough to compromise, what they do and how they do it  and the kind of music they made  for the market place for radio, for the inr man record label or whatever and they don’t really have to worry about, they don’t give it a thought. And that’s their great Privilege. be good try to do the best music  you possibly can do. think your capable of trying to write good words don’t write rubbish and make sure you write things that are true. this is what they say before.

The members of this authentic group are Steve Hogarth, Mark Kelly, Ian Mosley, Steve Rothery, Pete Trowavas. Steve is the leader of the band, the little Steve became interested in music at the age of seven, this group is  totally a magnificent group which has very many beautiful songs in their album.